The Thriving Industry Of Commercial Construction

Business Is Booming

With all of the changes going on in our country right now its understandable that some industries seem to be doing very well. One of the most noticeable of course is the commercial construction industry. There are many different types of construction so to keep this short we’ll just discuss a few of them.


The first one that pops into my mind (and probably yours too) is wood frame construction. There are subdivisions and apartment complexes seemingly popping up out of nowhere. Well, it’s not magic. There are commercial construction companies performing these acts. Wood is lightweight, easy to cut and a bit cheaper than some of the other materials which probably explains why it is the first choice for building homes but there is a downside. Wood is vulnerable. A leaky roof, fire or some pesky bugs (termites) makes this one of the least popular materials for commercial buildings.

chicago commercial construction - helical piles


Concrete is more popular for commercial buildings. It is sturdy and popular in foundations and basements. Concrete is prone to cracking so concrete foundation repair is necessary at some point. No matter what type of materials the building may be constructed of the foundation will more than likely be concrete and must be maintained. One way repairs are made to foundations is a process in which concrete is pumped under the existing concrete slab and forced up to restore its original position. Road construction could also fall under this category. helical piles are used in the construction of roads and commercial buildings. This system is used for digging deep foundations. It is easy to be installed, removed and makes for shorter project times. It is also used in the last type of commercial construction we’ll go over which is steel construction.

helical piers - concrete foundation


Steel construction is a grid type system of steel columns and I beams created from one of the strongest building materials. This building material doesn’t have the same downfalls as the previous construction materials and it can withstand very high winds. Not to mention it looks very nice. Steel is the material that made skyscrapers possible.

So as you see there are many different types of construction and that was just the tip of the iceberg. These are all icebergs that you can see at all times. No need to worry about crashing into them in a boat. If you have any questions or would like to get started on your project in the Chicagoland or Milwaukee, contact us. We are here to help!

helical piles - foundation

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