Bridges, Boardwalks and Beyond: Optimal Helical Pile Applications

Helical piles with smaller diameters can have higher production capacities, yet be established with smaller machines like mini-excavators and skid steers as well as hand-held equipment.

helical piles

This is the reason helical piles are well-adapted for designs with cramped or tight access and for projects that would be sensitive to interference from standard, larger construction vehicles like drill rigs, pile-drivers and concrete trucks. Commercial construction companies that build boardwalks and bridges on golf cart paths and by park trails are two distinct instances of ordinary constructions planned in sensitive areas with limited access.

Chicago Verticle and Battered Helical Piles for Support

When you look at every factor — including soil conditions, site access and design loads — helical piles are generally viewed as the best option for deep foundation needs. The smaller the installation equipment, the less disturbance to the site there will be when you use a commercial construction company like M3 Construction Solutions. A lot of the clients who need boardwalk and trail projects want minimal disruptions to the construction site and surrounding areas.

These projects demand as narrow of a construction corridor as possible by removing just enough trees to clear a trail and grant access for equipment and materials. When looked at from this perspective, helical foundation systems are the perfect option.

The installation of helical piles also doesn’t auger soil above the surface, so no spoils are created while the piles are driven into the earth. This also reduces the disturbance of a site as spoils don’t need to be spread along the site or hauled off.

Constructing a boardwalk over wetlands can be difficult if soft soil and deep water are present or if part of the objective is to minimize interference to the wetlands. The foundation installation would need to be finished at a dryer period or during winter where there’s ice or frozen soil.

Custom Saddle Brackets for Helical Piles in Illinois

When this isn’t feasible or when your specific schedule doesn’t permit this, then the boardwalk can be made to bear the equipment used in the helical pile installation. Helical piles are then able to be installed in groups or pairs extending out in front of the erected boardwalk.

Proper planning and sequenced installation afford for sectional boardwalk construction and pile installation without upsetting the land below. The helical pile tops are cut or advanced to design elevation and outfitted with form fitted saddle brackets to accommodate the timber girders. A commercial construction company like M3 Construction Solutions will use battered piles to offer lateral support for a boardwalk.

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