Selecting a Design Build Company

Hiring different teams to do one job might make sense if those teams are in different segments and are experts in their fields. Take, for example, planning a wedding. A seamstress won’t be able to make your flower arrangements and the florist can’t make a 5-course meal for over a 100 guests. So you have to go with each professional and make plans with them. Now, if you go to a wedding planner their job is to find those professionals and plan it for you. Then they come back and present to you the details. Design build is similar to that.

Design build is your wedding planner.

In traditionally project delivery, you have yourself (the owner), then the designer and contractor who then subcontract out to their consultants and their subcontractors.The designer and contractor are on the same page for the goal but the way they reach is different. The owner has to mediate between both in order to move the process along. This takes time, extra effort and money than necessary. Design build removes any opportunity for excuses from designer and contractor and streamlines the project.

How do you select a design builder who will stay on course, within budget and complete goals?

You can start selecting by having a competitive bidding process for design builders. Research the design build companies in your area or who have worked in your area. Speak with each to find out how their process happens.

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There are a few ways you can select a team. Qualifications-based selection, best-value selection, and price-based selection. Qualifications-based means you select the best credentials, experience, expertise, and team. Best-value selection method selects based on a combination of estimated price and added value in addition to experience, expertise, and credentials. Price-based selection is based on, you guessed it, price. Here numbers matter more to you than qualifications.

Figure out which is more appealing to you and then which works best for your company. Then you can select which design build company is best for you!

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