Pier Foundation For Commercial Buildings

What is Pier Foundation?

A pier is a raised structure typically supported by well-spaced foundation system.

Pier foundation is just a collection of individual posts which dig into the ground to support large loads. It consists of isolated masonry or cast-in-place concrete structural elements. Sometimes it’s called “post foundation.” The location of the posts is at the intersections of the walls of the commercial building. The posts can also be in the aisles of the soon to be building.

Simply, the foundation used for the pier is termed as Pier Foundation and Pile Foundation is one of the type of foundation system for a pier.

pier foundation - commercial buildings - push piers

Post shape & sizes

The shape of the foundation post may differ:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Circular

Although a circular, or cylindrical, shape is the most commonly used. To support and transfer large loads to firm strata below, a cylindrical column of large diameter recommended. An example is a pile cap that is put on top of the posts. Pier foundations transfer load through bearing only.

Pier foundation is usually used in shallower depth compared to pile foundation.

When Do You Use Pier Foundation?

  • The top strata consist of decomposed rock, overlying strata of sound rock.
    • In such conditions pile driving becomes very difficult, hence the usage of pier foundations.
  • When there are stiff clays, they offer a lot of resistance when driving a bearing pile, pier foundations are convenient.

Contact us for your commercial construction or pier foundation needs! Concrete foundation can take a beating in extreme weather. Make sure your foundation is in good condition. An inspection now will save you headaches of fixing later.

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