Helical Pier – Foundation Support

A helical pier is a steel shaft with round helix plates that provides a foundation support for various types of structures. When the pier rotates into the ground, the helix plates design pulls the pier into the soil during installation. The helix plates are commonly referred to as blades or flights that are welded to the lead section. They are to secure new or existing foundations.helical pier - foundation piers

A bracket attaches to the foundation wall and pier. This allows to stabilize and support foundations that have settled, heaved or failed to perform as originally designed. Helical piers, the choice of structural engineers for older and lightly-loaded structures. Helical piers are becoming a better alternative to the traditional concrete caissons for new construction applications in both residential and commercial projects.

Advantages of A Helical Pier

  • Environmentally friendly installation
  • Loaded immediately after install, thereby shortening the job schedule and reducing costs
  • Used in sensitive areas, no impact forces which minimizes the risk of damage to adjacent structures
  • Easily removed and reused (using external bolted product)
  • Installation produces no spoils
  • No cement or curing
  • Not impacted by weather delays


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