Find a General Contractor for Aircraft Hangars in Chicago or Milwaukee

Aircraft Hangars in Chicago or Milwaukee

The general contractors that are on staff with M3 Construction Solutions each have vast experience in their field. Be satisfied with the dedication of the projects. M3 Construction Solutions’ general contracting services include construction schedule development and control, construction field supervision, and warranty management. This among other services. Our general contractors are able to build aircraft hangars in Chicago or Milwaukee. If you are looking for other general contractor services, you can contact us for more information. Or also head to our delivery methods page.

Chicago is a travel hub. Either for business, vacation, or transportation of materials. Milwaukee’s airport also allows for all types of travel. Both cities are great for business and pleasure. Makes sense to expand your business in either city!

When it comes to aircraft hangars, there are different uses for aircraft hangars. Those include MRO & Storage, air cargo facilities, or airport terminals.

Aircraft Hangars

MRO stands for Maintenance and Repair Operations (Overhaul). It involves fixing any mechanical, plumbing, or electrical device. These types of operations typically take place in hangars. Simultaneously, the hanger stores the objects that are worked on. Depending on the projects that you work on the design, dimensions, and shape are adapted to provide the most efficient use of the available space.

Air cargo facilities are used to transport goods from an aircraft to ground transportation. The construction of these facilities is cost-effective, reliable, and efficient. This to keep everything moving smoothly. Fulfilling needs is easier with more reliable and efficient systems. Airport terminals have relatively the same function as an aircraft hangar. Both store, handle, and process needs. There is more on the construction of hangars and the options available.

Whichever type of building you require, M3 Construction Solutions will work with you to meet all your aircraft hangar needs.

pile foundation - concrete foundation repair - aircraft hangars

We work with helical piles, pile foundation, and other types of foundation. We can install the helical piles for a new project or perform concrete foundation repair. We’re here to help with your new or old project!


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