Find a General Contractor for Agricultural Buildings in McHenry County

Agricultural buildings take on different forms and usages since farming systems differ widely. The buildings need to fit the nature of the work and the requirements of it.

Agricultural buildings can include:

  • Livestock barns
  • Shelters
  • Machinery and supply storage buildings
  • Crop storage facilities and buildings
  • Any special-purpose structures

When building, several factors have to be taken into consideration. such as soil conditions, climatic conditions, and access to main roads and fields. As for external factors the layout of surrounding buildings, the transportation required between the buildings, and how secure they are to fire determines the building to be constructed.

M3 Construction Solutions has experienced general contractors that build agricultural buildings in McHenry County. The services that M-3 offers include cost monitoring and control, tight safety processes, project close-out, warranty management, and many other services. For more information on the general contracting services, head here.

There are four general layouts that can be implemented on a farm or similar work.

  • Large Crop Farms
  • Large Stock Farms
  • Farms in Underdeveloped Areas
  • Mixed Farms

Large Crop Farms

These types of farms are popular in North America. The layout is simple since there are generally two types of agricultural building. One for storage and one for machinery. Depending on the type of farms, they require more buildings. A fruit farm, for example, requires an extra building for conditioning and storing the fruits. A winery would include buildings that are equipped with wine cellars.

Large Stock Farms

Within the large stock farm segment, there are extensive and intensive types. The extensive type would include cattle ranchers. On one end of the extensive spectrum, farms in Australia do not require buildings other than a milking parlor and milk room for their dairy farm. Intensive types of farms are big dairy units. There are three major layouts of these types of farms. Parallel buildings, monobloc buildings, and a circular layout with a milking parlor in the center. agricultural buildings - helical piles

Farms in Underdeveloped Areas

There are two types of buildings in underdeveloped areas. Large plantation-type farms (latifundia) and small owner or tenant farms. Buildings are generally small and spread out since the construction of a large building is too expensive.
agricultural buildings - helical piles

Mixed Farms

These are a mixture of small to medium farms mostly in Europe and have several service buildings. One for machinery, one for hay and cattle, one for sheep, and one for sheep. In mountainous areas, there are mostly single buildings which include the house.

If your project requires building agricultural buildings in McHenry County for livestock or crops, M3 Construction Solutions is the company to hire. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with us you can reach us here or by phone at 815-363-8493.

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