Find a Builder of Aircraft Hangars in Chicago or Milwaukee

Find a Builder of Aircraft Hangars in Chicago or Milwaukee

Whether you’re looking for a construction manager or a builder of aircraft hangars, M3 Construction Solutions services Chicago and Milwaukee.

We have experienced builders to construction your aircraft hangar. We have constructed pre-engineered steel PEMB aircraft hangars before and you can see pictures of it in our gallery.

There are different designs for hangars, all which serve a different purpose, as well as different hangar doors.

Hangar Doors

There are three types of doors available: sliding, electric bi-fold, and one-piece hydraulic lift.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can either have rollers on top and are routed by metal guides on the floor, or they have rollers on the bottom of an embedded track and door guides at the top of the opening. At times, opening the doors can cause headaches. These types of doors are difficult to open when there is snow, heavy rain, or heavy winds. They also require a good foundation due to the movement of the ground throughout the year. If the ground shifts too much, it can cause the door to bind to the ground.

The placement of the doors is also important, you don’t want to open one and have it block your other door or hangar.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are electric making opening and closing them much easier than sliding doors. It doesn’t require the metal guides or the tracks that sliding door does. The doors are attached to either the header system of the hangar, door frame or door truss. At the close, it latches to the vertical door columns either automatically or manually. A little more research is required when deciding on the type of electric bi-fold door. A no-hassle pick is choosing the company that also constructed the hangar. It simplifies the process and keeps everything uniform.

Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic doors have a dual purpose of sorts. When it opens up, it provides a nice shaded area in front of the hangar. Make sure that anything directly in front of the door is far away enough so that it doesn’t get hit by the door since it opens forward. Also, any other objects or snow need to be removed to open the door. Much like bi-fold doors, it doesn’t require any guides or tracks. Just two hydraulic cylinders move the one piece door.

When working with a builder or construction manager, they provide suggestions on which type of door to install based on your needs. Any type you choose will be installed by M3 Construction Solutions and its team.

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