New Design-Build Contracts Updates

Whenever there is a project, reporting should be simple, effective, and quick. Construction projects have many parts in play with different departments. Working with a design build company provides that simple, effective, and quick reporting to you. Design build contracts must be reviewed and signed before the project begins. This process streamlines the project delivery through one contact. So between the owner and the design-build team. M3 Construction Solutions does not only provide general contracting services but also design build services. M3 Construction Solutions takes care of the architectural design and planning. As well as site preparation, engineering, and the management process. If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable building/construction process, we manage LEED requirements.

Design Build Contracts

In the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has updated their design-build contracts to establish a two-phase work agreement with the design and construction phases. Also, with the costs and fees associated with each phase separated into two distinct documents.

These design-build contracts are used whenever an owner hires one company (M3 Construction Solutions). M3 Construction Solutions does both the design and the construction. The newest edition of the contract explains the changes for the Owner-Design Builder agreement. The first phase, the parties agree to the general terms and conditions. Parameters and fees for the design work are in the agreement. The second, the parties establish pricing for the project once the design plans are complete.

An addition to the updated A141 is the sustainability document. It includes provisions relating to sustainable programs like the LEED certification. It also includes documents and provisions for Green Globes and Energy Star.

These contracts are updated every 10 years. Which means that new technology is invented or technology is improved. This includes helical piers and mini piles which also help with the LEED certification due to their minimal environmental impact.

design build contracts - helical piers

Based in Johnsburg, IL, M3 Construction Solutions is a design build company servicing Elgin, McHenry, Crystal Lake, and other Chicago areas. Fill out our contact form to start the design build process today!




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