Data-Driven Construction Management Today

Data-Driven Construction Management

Gone are the days when everything was done on paper and sent via mail. Everyday society is creating and relying on new technologies. The construction industry is no different. M3 Construction Solutions uses a cloud-based software to interconnect everyone involved from point A to point B of the construction process. It is data-driven construction management.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, currently leading construction companies into using more technology.


Sue Klawans is the senior vice president and director of operational excellence and planning at Gilbane Building Company. She remembers when attaching sketches to blueprints was a thing of the past.

“BIM is fundamentally a technology that is making possible the greater process improvements and advancements that we all envisioned,” Klawans said.

BIM has reduced, even eliminated the wait times in construction management. It allows for one conversation. It’s coordinated and it is a centralized place for drawings, emails, bidding, schedules, and more.

M3 Construction Solutions stays updated and competitive with the implementation of BIM. BIM usage doesn’t depend on the project size. If it’s small or big, BIM will still be cost-saving. According to data from Klawans, the labor–hour average across the company’s projects has decreased 35%. That, in turn, saves the client, you, money on construction costs as well as increases speed completion of the project.

Data-driven construction management is here to stay and it will continue to expand and be implemented. BIM, or cloud-based software, offers connected collaboration across the full project lifecycle. We also make sure to meet LEED requirements when constructing your projects.

Your construction management project should start today!

helical piles - data-driven construction management

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