Construction Management in Illinois

One of our delivery methods is construction management. While we are sure to conduct routine face-to-face meetings, we also use cloud-based software. This software allows everyone from the owner to the subcontractor to have access to plans, actions.

What is a construction manager?

They plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise the project from the initial concept to the final steps. In most cases, they will work closely with engineers and management alike, serving as the individual who helps bring the various components of the project together. So you can think about them being the design builder of the project. And involves what exactly?

Involvement in Projects

  • Budgets and cash flow
  • Construction law
  • Construction Planning
  • Supply chain management and tendering
  • Quality Management Construction risk management, including Health and Safety

These are just a few of the things that a construction manager oversees. And on a day to day basis, it’s simply to supervise the building work. Then all this information and the status is forwarded to the owner. As a construction manager, we make to sure to keep everyone on the loop and have routine meetings. These meetings recap what has been done, what the current progress is, and if any needs to be changed or updated in the plans. We know that the last minute or unexpected costs are not welcomed. We keep on top of expenses. These meetings are to inform all aspects of the project.
construction management in Illinois - foundation support piers

In all of our projects throughout the Chicago area, M3 Construction Solutions provides the top construction management in Illinois for your needs. Contact us, we’re ready to work with you!

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