Find a Construction Company That Erects Warehouse Buildings in Northern Illinois

M3 Construction Solutions is your go-to construction company that erects warehouse buildings in Northern Illinois. Whether you are shelving or distributing, or working with a company contract, M3 Construction Solutions builds the type of warehouses you need. There are a few different types of warehouses out there. The warehouse building types are Private, Public, Automated, Climate-Controlled, and Distribution Center.

Types Of Warehouses


The owners and operators of private warehouses are channel suppliers and re-sellers. These are for their own distribution activities. An example would be Amazon. It has several regional warehouses supplying online orders to customers. In addition, it is starting to supply to its physical stores.


Public warehouses are spaces that are leased to solve any short-term distribution needs. These come in handy when a company needs additional space for a short time. For example, during the holiday season.


Automated warehouses are equipped with computers and robotic technology. The level of technology involved can vary based on the type of work and products housed in the warehouse. It can range from the basic conveyor belts to a fully automated facility. Most automated warehouses use the conveyor belts for transporting all types of products from one end to the other. It cuts down drastically on transportation and labor costs. If it is a fully automated warehouse, it only requires a handful of employees to keep the facility running and on track.


Climate-controlled warehouses are for products that need special handling conditions. Frozen products, delicate products that require humidity-controlled environments, and highly sensitive computer products that require dirty-free facilities.

Distribution Center

These types of warehouses are used for temporary storage. They are used to move products from one center to another, eventually to the customer. Depending on the product, the product enters in the morning and is distributed out by the end of the day.


Almost all warehouses require one thing, foundation. Concrete foundation using helical piers or foundation piers is the way to go.

It’s easy to figure out which warehouse type is for your company. It all depends on the product or service you provide! If you still have some questions, we can help! Our service areas include Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Johnsburg. Contact M3 Construction Solutions and start the construction of your new warehouse!


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