Avoid Common Commercial Construction Delays

Construction delays can happen at any point in time but they most often happen before construction starts or in the early stages. It’s very important, especially in this day & age of instant gratification, that the schedule is kept. Clients expect them to be or even have it finish ahead of time. Two of the most common delays are permits and material needs.

Common Construction Delays

Construction Permit Review

You can’t start building without permits. They are essential and are one of the first ways that projects can be slowed down. Clients have to take into account the processing time of permits, if they don’t, expectations will be crushed. A way for construction timelines to be more realistic is to give a timeline after all the permits are in place. Or add a few extra weeks to the overall project timeline. Avoid rushing to get things done, it can hurt more than it can help. The permit review process varies from town to city and we are to help if you are constructing in a different area. We have the experience.

Planning for Long-Lead Items

Not all construction materials are made the same. And they’re not delivered the same either. Even paying more for faster shipping won’t matter if those items simply can’t be shipped faster. Some require more time than others so having the orders placed as soon as possible will help ease things along. If several elevators will be installed, those need to be ordered ASAP. They take about 16 to 18 weeks to make once ordered. Any specialty items, custom, also take more than a few weeks to receive. Make sure that what you’re waiting for doesn’t impede the construction of something else. The client will either have to find an alternative product or deal with delays.

foundation piers - helical piles - construction delays

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