Find a Construction Company that Erects Agricultural Buildings in McHenry or Lake County

Looking for a construction company that erects agricultural buildings in McHenry or Lake County?

That would be M3 Construction Solutions.

Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural buildings take on many different uses. From livestock, dairy, and storage to poultry and equestrian needs. These buildings are increasingly being built using steel due to the quality and flexibility they provide. M3 Construction Solutions can erect or remodel agricultural buildings in McHenry and Lake County for any of your agricultural needs.

Construction for the new agricultural buildings uses steel instead of wood. This is due to its fire resistance, durability and strength, and efficiency.

Fire Resistance

Agricultural structures made from wood are a fire hazard. Using steel, you turn your building into a fire-resistant building which minimizes any potential loss of the building. Steel is resistant to water, mold, mildew, termites, and any other harmful conditions. It is durable and there are no long-term maintenance costs to worry about.

Durability and Strength 

The durability and strength of steel keep your equipment and livestock safe. The buildings we erect comply with the local buildings codes in McHenry and Lake County. They resist the weather conditions in those areas due to the design.


Efficiency is key in the agricultural field so providing a fast and easy construction on the land is crucial. Pre-engineered buildings come pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched so that the erection process is fast, simple, and saves you money.

One agricultural building can take on several of the uses mentioned above. One building can include equipment storage, a milking parlor, a workshop, and even an office space. Or you can have a dedicated agriculture building.

underpinning - helical piles - agricultural buildings in mchenry


M3 Construction Solutions handles all aspects of construction projects. Whatever your needs, M3 Construction Solutions works with you to assure they are met. Wondering what we do to build foundations? We use concrete in conjunction with helical piles, pier tech, micropiles. If you have any specific questions, reach us at 815-363-8493 or send us a messageWe will get back to you as soon as possible.

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