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Warehouse shelving comes in different types much like how warehouse buildings are built for different usages. There are private and public warehouses, Automated, climate-controlled, and distribution center warehouses.

Warehouse Shelving

There are different types of shelving that can be installed. Those include Steel shelving, Rivet shelving, Wire shelving, Bulk Rack Shelving, and Clipless shelving. Some are more popular than others. General contractors are able to communicate with you on the best type of shelving to use within your warehouse.

Steel Shelving

The most common and the most popular is steel shelving. This type of shelving is used in both warehouse and as you’ve noticed, in retail stores. It’s the one used most often due to its inexpensiveness, durability, and versatility. This type of shelving works best for small items and items within small boxes or cartons. Because it’s so durable, purchasing steel shelving used is like purchasing it brand new. It’s versatile because it can be organized in both as normal floor units or high rise shelving systems for bigger warehouses. There are two types of styles meaning a clip style or a nut-and-bolt set-up. Clip style shelving is adjustable requiring no tools vs the nut-and-bolt requiring tools to adjust.

Rivet Shelving

Comparing this type to steel shelving, it’s as durable and versatile. It’s definitely one of the easier shelving systems to put into place. It requires no bolts or clips making the usage of them in larger warehouses much easier to set up. It’s also common for large warehouses because it can handle the usual heavy type of items that are stored. This type of shelving has two style options, particle board or wire shelving. It’s better to go with the wire shelving since the board could warp or result in damage in varying temperatures. Rivet shelving also has better options for adjustments than steel shelving.

Wire Shelving

This type of shelving isn’t as durable or as strong as steel or rivet shelving. But is ideal for products that require visibility at all times or enough air circulation through the units. It provides a better line of sight of the products and there’s less dust collected. Wire shelving is easy to assemble. Both small and large warehouses use wire shelving.

Bulk Rack Shelving

Contrary to its name, bulk rack shelving is not actually bulky. It’s a light-duty shelving type that fits into smaller spaces. This type is durable and bolt-less making it easy to assemble and disassemble for one-time usage. This type of shelving can go mobile if the bulk rack models with casters.

Clipless Shelving

The construction of clipless shelving is generally with steel bracing and particle board. It’s very lightweight and easy to install. This type of shelving can hold from 500 to 700lbs depending on the base shelving unit.

warehouse shelving - pier foundation

If you have any more questions about warehouse shelving you can ask your general contractor. If you have any other questions regarding the construction of warehouses in northern Illinois, contact us today!

Our services also include foundation repair that uses helical piers that are quick easy to install.

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