General Contractor for Commercial Buildings in Crystal Lake, IL

Commercial buildings are becoming more and more high tech. If you’re not one of the general contracting companies in Crystal Lake that provides sustainable options, you’re not at the top.

With the L.E.E.D (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate you become an internationally recognized green building. This process offers third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at reducing energy and water usage, promoting better indoor air quality, and improving the quality of life. When commercial buildings are being constructed with L.E.E.D. certification in mind, motion sensors for lights and temperatures and software to analyze building data, these new buildings are futuristic.

M3 Construction Solutions’ general contractors work with the design team throughout all the stages to ensure that sustainable principles are included in the construction process and meet the L.E.E.D. requirements. One way to start the project under sustainable principles is by using helical piers during the foundation building process. Helical piers(screw piles) can be used in sensitive areas and produce no waste making the installation environmentally friendly.

This requires knowing that there are design requirements included in L.E.E.D. projects that go above and beyond the typical requirements of most major building codes. With several exceptions, L.E.E.D. projects go well above and beyond the requirements of a typical job as far as code compliance is concerned.all of the L.E.E.D. design and construction items should be included by the design team in the construction documents (both drawings and specifications).

General Contracting Companies in Crystal Lake, IL

As mentioned, general contractors work with the design team so that all of the L.E.E.D. design and construction items are in accord with both drawings and specifications. This is done with the cloud-based software M3 Construction Solutions uses. This includes several front-end spec items and then L.E.E.D.-specific items by discipline throughout the spec book.

General contractors know what must be done to acquire and maintain an L.E.E.D. certification. If you’re looking for general contracting companies in Crystal Lake, then M3 Construction Solutions is the one.

helical piers - pier foundation


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