Find a General Contractor for Manufacturing Buildings in McHenry or Lake County

General contractor in McHenry or Lake County

If you want to find a general contractor in McHenry or Lake County, you need to hire a general contractor instead of a specialty contractor. If you need one or both types, M3 Construction Solutions can provide the contracting services. We have general contractors for PEBs as well. So what’s the difference? Let’s start with what general contractors do.

General Contractor

A general contractor oversees projects and coordinates specific subcontractors for a job. Subcontractors are people hired by a general contractor to work for a larger company or project. General contractors are responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the construction site, management of vendors, and communication between all parties involved. Imagine them being at the top of the totem pole. They dictate what happens on-site and off-site during the project. Contractors are also able to do any proposals or bids and estimates for projects.

Now within the general contractor area, there are two types: “A” general engineering and a “B” general contractor.

The “A” general engineering contractor works mainly with fixed works that require specialized engineering knowledge and skill. They work on irrigation systems, harbors, docks, railroads, highways, streets, parks, playgrounds, and many other projects.

“B” contractors work on existing structures, structures being built, or to be built. However, they cannot take a lead contract for any project involving trades other than framing or carpentry. For example, a “B” contractor would have to hire a plumber if plumbing is required to manufacture the building. Of course, if the contractor has certification and licensing to perform work with plumbing, they are able to do so.

Specialty Contractor

On the other hand, specialty contractors, or “C” contractors, specialize in a particular skill or trade. They use art, experience, science, and skill necessary to organize, administer, construct, and complete projects under their classification. Hiring is usually to perform a single job. An example would be plumbing. If you require plumbing work, you would hire a contractor who has a plumbing license.

This is just a quick overview of these two types of contractors. M3 Construction Solutions maintains a staff who dedicated to the entire process with manufacturing buildings. Our staff offers services in construction schedule development and control, cost monitoring and control, construction field supervision, and many more services.

Find out more about our services and contact us today to work with a general contractor in McHenry or Lake County! We use different types of foundation tools such as helical piles, micropiles and also repair concrete foundations for homes and commercial buildings.
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