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What is the best material for construction buildings?


Using Steel

Steel is the number one choice for most building types such as garages, recreational centers, commercial and industrial projects, and arenas due to its strength and versatility. There are various pros to using steel to construct buildings as opposed to using other materials such as wood.

Benefits of Steel

M3 Construction Solutions’ design-build services for steel buildings are done in-house, including the design and prefabrication. This means the building erection time/cost is reduced. There are rarely any surprise costs because of the pre-design and pre-fabrication that are done beforehand and the building just needs to be assembled. Overall time, construction, and material cost are reduced making the usage of steel very beneficial.

With steel there are no worries about fire, termites, wood rot, shrinking, warping, or cracking. The maintenance of steel is minimal. Steel buildings are also energy efficient. They are insulated much better than wood frame buildings. Not only do steel buildings save money on construction time and cost, but they continue to do so with heating and cooling costs.

helical piers - steel pier

Steel buildings

They are also environmentally friendly because most steel used is recycled. The exterior can be changed to suit your needs so there is no sacrificing any design.

The time frame for constructing a steel building can range anywhere from 6-8 weeks with using a design-build company. M3 Construction Solutions will work with you on time frames and any schedule to match your needs. One of the methods to build include using helical piers/helical piers, micropiles, and underpinning.

If there are plans to expand the building, the install of a live truss done instead of posts and beams. The live truss allows to remove only the sheet metal and secondary framing from the end wall. This adds length as needed and it maintains structural integrity.

Other projects we work on include warehouse buildings, concrete foundation repair, design-build projects, and more.

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