Design Build Company That Constructs Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in the Milwaukee Area

When looking for a design-build company in the Milwaukee area, it’s is good to find one that also works with pre-engineered metal buildings.

A design-build company is in charge of all aspects of the project. From designs to the last nail or screw. There will always be one point of contact for the entire design and construction project. You do not have to worry about reaching the designer when the contractor can’t construct a certain portion due to design. Design-build removes the owner as the middleman between designer and contractor. It reduces any misinformation or excuses. M3 Construction Solutions is a design-build company in the Milwaukee area that can construct PEMBs.

PEMBS in Milwaukee

Pre-engineered metal buildings, or PEMBs, are metal buildings that are constructed in a very timely manner.

The best applications for the pre-engineered metal building framework incorporate modern applications. For example, complex industrial facilities, stockrooms and distribution centers. The framework is likewise utilized as a part of retail locations, strip malls, motels, and auto dealerships. As well as office complexes, airplane hangars, sports and entertainment arenas. In addition to schools, libraries, houses of worship, medical offices and government buildings.

The pricing is significantly lower than other types of metal buildings, so the construction process will not require additional budget. And also reduces the time of completion for the project.

Not only do you not have to worry about miscommunication but you also don’t have to worry about additional spending on the project. Everything is planned out and PEMBs are simply installed.

The picture below is of a daycare remodel in the works.

PEMBs in milwaukee - helical piles
Concrete foundation. PEMB construction.

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If you would like more information about other construction types or more on PEMBs, click on our news section.


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