Find a Design Build Company That Constructs Warehouse Buildings

Looking for a design build company to construct a warehouse? M3 Construction Solutions offers design build for a number of different projects, including warehouses. We will provide insights on what is required to build a warehouse as well as tips for construction. Remember, M3 Construction Solutions provides design build services to build your warehouse.


Warehouses come in various sizes. The cost of building a small warehouse is more expensive than building a big warehouse. The bigger the warehouse the more economical to build. The costs of building a warehouse come from eight areas: concrete, steel, earthwork, site utilities, roofing, general conditions, fire protection, and design fees. Those eight areas cover about 80 percent of the total costs.

Design Stage

The step that will save you the most money is the preliminary design stage. M3 Construction Solutions has the experience to optimize the warehouse design and create the greatest cost-saving plan for the job. Finding a site location is the first step in the process. Make sure that the building will be close to the street to minimize the distance between the warehouse and any other sources such as water and sewer lines. The land should be flat in order to minimize any earthwork since it is expensive to import and export dirt. Keeping material costs down can be difficult but with a white roof design, it can help deter any extra cooling expenses due to the reflection of the sun’s rays off the roof.


The shape and the pitch of the warehouse can come in two different ways. Single slope, which is having one side wall higher than the other and the roof slants down from that high wall to the lower one. Peaked, also known as gable, roofs have the traditional peak. The roof runs down both sides. The pitch of the room is expressed in a ratio. Starting with the flattest type, 1:12. That means it rises 1” for every 12” of width. The highest ratio is 4:12 for steel buildings. A higher pitch gives more interior clearance and improves the building’s ability to shed rain and snow.

All this is planned out and blueprints created during the first steps of the design build process. Once materials have been finalized, M3 Construction Solutions continues the building process. Everything is pre-cut, pre-drilled as needed so then all we have to do is put it together. Depending on the usage of the warehouse, you would need to add insulation, interior walls, exterior finishes, doors and windows, steps, plumbing, etc to finalize the project.

micropiles - helical piles - warehouses

More information on design build and building types, check out our news section. We’re available to start the construction process on warehouses or other projects. Call us today at 815-363-8493.

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