Find a Design Build Company that Constructs Aircraft Hangars

Design Build Company

Design build companies deliver a project from the beginning to the end. A single company takes care of the design and the construction. M3 Construction Solutions is a design-build company that constructs aircraft hangars. Whatever the size of the aircraft hangar, M3 Construction Solutions makes sure that everyone is working in conjunction. Not to mention, and the project is also completed in a timely and efficient manner. That’s what design build is all about.

Aircraft Hangars

There are different types of aircraft hangers available to build from. Understanding and choosing which one best fits your needs are important. Everything needs a starting point. Having the image of what you want at the end will help with choosing the type of hangar you need at the beginning. Aircraft hangars are built to last. The easiest way to go about choosing the design that best works for you are by determining which will be the largest aircraft you will be storing. Within those designs, there are two other designs, post-and-beam design, and single source. A post-and-beam design is used for T-hangars and rectangular hangars. Single source design means that the hangar and the hangar doors are designed and manufactured by a single-source. Having a single source speeds up the construction process since there is no wait time for different parts from different manufacturers.

Depending on the type of hangar door you choose, M3 Construction Solutions will work with the necessary manufacturers and fulfill the specific requirements for the project. The foundation is set with helical piles, underpinning, or micropiles depending on the soil. This is to make sure that any shifting of the ground underneath will be detrimental to the aircraft hanger.

As mentioned before, a design-build company does the designing and the construction. Any groundbreaking, building codes, and material needs are done and fulfilled by M3 Construction Solutions.

If you are looking for a design-build company that constructs aircraft hangars, M3 Construction Solutions is the company to call. Conveniently located in the Midwest and in the Chicagoland. And if you don’t want to call, you can always submit a form and we will get back you quickly.


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