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Can Warehouse buildings be built using different types of materials?

Construction managers are experienced in working with all the plans, budgets, and coordination of building a warehouse. When budgeting for a warehouse, there are different materials to take into consideration. There are metal and steel materials that can be used to construct a warehouse.

Construction of a warehouse can be with either a wood frame or a steel frame. Each material has its pros and cons and the choice depends on the use of the warehouse. Also, on the preferences of the manager.

A Metal Warehouse with A Wood Frame

If you need a warehouse that is less than 100′ wide, then a wood post-frame is the better option.

The design flexibility with wood is a positive. It’s easier and less expensive to get higher-pitched roofs. It allows being creative as well with interesting roof lines, overhangs, dormers, offsets, etc.  It’s easier to make different designs with wood than steel, which is why you might have noticed that steel warehouse buildings have low-pitch roofs and no overhangs.

Energy efficiency is also another positive about using a wood post-frame. It’s easier to insulate wood frames than steel frames. Also, wood doesn’t go through the extreme thermal bridging of steel frame buildings. Thermal bridging meaning that parts of the building suffer from lack of insulation due to the materials having a higher heat transfer rate than the surrounding materials.

And last but not least, the pricing of wood compared to steel. Lumber is almost always less expensive than manufactured steel beams. So if you are looking to save money, a wood post-frame warehouse is the way to go.

A Metal Warehouse with a Steel Frame

A reason that you would choose a steel post-frame over a wood one is mostly due to the size of the warehouse you are buildings. If you need a very wide clear-span interior, more than 100′, then steel is the way to go.

In terms of maintenance, steel is easier to maintain. Wood wraps and steel does not. It also withstands stronger weather than wood. In the long run, steel will last longer and could even be a better option when considering financing options. If you decide to go with a pre-engineered building, then the price would be significantly lower and the time to construct/build it would be reduced.

You wouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected fire or a termite infestation with steel either. Having the entire building be of steel plus a concrete foundation with helical piers, that’s a solid structure.

Whichever material you chose, M3 Construction Solutions’ construction manager will work with you every step of the building process. They will lay out the plans required and the logistics that go with it. So contact us now to hire a construction manager for your warehouse project!


helical anchors - helical piers

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