Construction Manager for Commercial Buildings in McHenry or Lake County

Looking for a Construction Manager for Commercial Buildings in McHenry or Lake County?

Commercial buildings are in use by a number of people day in and day out.  All whom experience temperature differently. Depending on the location of commercial buildings, the amount of insulation and energy-saving methods invested into the buildings can differ. A building in northern Illinois would require sustainable materials for both heat and cold due to the seasons. A building in Texas doesn’t have to worry about cold weather too much. Again, the building process is different depending on the regions.

M3 Construction Solutions’ has construction managers that work with you in attaining the highest quality materials to achieve a high energy-saving commercial building. M3 Construction Solutions is familiar with the climate in McHenry and Lake County. They know exactly what should go into commercial buildings in that area. M3 Construction Solutions works with you to construct commercial buildings that meet all requirements and exceed your expectations. If you are looking to repair your current commercial building, such as concrete foundation repair, M-3 can help with that as well. Working in the Milwaukee, Rockford, and Chicago area, M-3 expertise is varied and proved.

Energy Costs for Commercial Building

A new study from researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology finds commercial buildings are spending $600 million more than necessary every year to heat and cool spaces. This while wasting significant energy doing so.

Eric Williams, an associate professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, was an author on the recently-published “Co-alignment of comfort and energy saving objectives for U.S. office buildings and restaurants.”

“We’ve all had the experience of being or cold or hot when we shouldn’t be,” Williams said.


helical piles - concrete foundation repair

But what seems like a fairly minor irritation “is actually pretty darn significant. I was surprised.”

As indicated by Williams, who worked with RIT Ph.D. competitor Lourdes Gutierrez on the examination, more than 40% workers are disappointed with temperatures in their workplaces and just about 15% are extremely disappointed. That implies business spaces might strive to make more than half of their inhabitants uncomfortable. What happens when employees are unsatisfied at work? They might look for a job elsewhere.

Manufacturers have created lines of intelligent devices aimed at keeping the home comfortable while saving energy.

Save Energy

Williams said changing indoor regulator settings of hotels, stores, and other types of commercial structures could drop national carbon emanations by 0.3%. Might as well be pulling 4 million autos off the streets, he said.

For example, better-aligned thermostat savings in the restaurant industry will save your average establishment more than $500.

A building with the correct and necessary materials from the initial stages of construction pays off in the long run. A commercial building with a quality thermostat system will keep tenants and employees happy. What else keeps employees happy? A sturdy, healthy building. Keep your building afloat in more ways than one. A strong foundation, free of cracks is key. If that start to break down then there is risk involved with everyone inside the building.

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