Concrete Foundation Problems for Commercial Buildings

Water damage, pest infestation, and structural damage can all occur due inside a building to a small crack in the concrete foundation. Avert all of that with an appointment with M3 Construction Solutions.

What causes concrete foundation problems?

Soli conditions.

Depending on the type of soil that the building is constructed upon, it can cause problems often or cause various other problems. The natural shifting of soil surrounding the commercial building can increase pressure on the walls of a foundation. When the soil is wet it causes problems to the foundation as well. Rain or snow is soaked up by the soil which means it expands and pushes up against the foundation. When it dries, the moisture is released and the soil contracts causing foundation settling.

If cracks start showing up in the foundation, take it as a warning sign and contact a professional. These types of problems do not fix themselves and result in expensive foundation repair costs as time goes on.

The quality of the repair is the most important factor. The price shouldn’t be the determining factor. The cost of each foundation repair is different for each building because each building is different. If the commercial building is large, it’s going to require more piles than others. Depending on the severity of the foundation problem, the cost will be more expensive. The same thing with the type of repair. Concrete foundation repair is done by using helical piers and other methods to stabilize the foundation and prevent future foundation problems.

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