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M3 Construction Solutions is a design-build company that constructs agricultural buildings in McHenry or Lake County. We also do other work which you can find by clicking delivery methods.

Agricultural buildings are used in different types of farms. They also come in different types including farmhouses, livestock barns, and shelters, building for machinery and supplies, crop storage, and special-purpose structures.


A farmhouse has the same requirements as any other house. Although it does require a few extra amenities or rooms. For example, an added rear entrance with a washroom and clothing storage space. Modernization of old farmhouses can be difficult. They require large-food storage space with refrigeration and extra rooms. The cost of a new house must be proportionate to the farmer’s income.

Livestock Barns and Shelters

These two types of buildings are essential for livestock farms. There are generally two types of animal shelters, the multipurpose type, and the specific type. The multipurpose would be a single-story building used for feed storage, machinery, and livestock. Specific type is a design for usage with a type of animal. When it comes to shelters, there is the loose-housing system that developed in the U.S. during WWII. It’s now used around the world. This is either a wood or metal framed shelter arranged so that the animals can move around freely inside and outside.

Buildings for Machinery and Supplies

This building is designed solely for protection from weather, mainly rain. These buildings have as much surface space between the interior posts so that machinery is easily taken in and out.

Crop Storage

Farm bins usage include wheat, barely, shelled corn, and other cereals. These bins in can be in 5 to 10 feet tall with reinforced walls, square or round bins, and in watertight bins often of corrugated metal. There are two types of silos. Horizontal silo is a parallel-piped, either cut into the ground or built above ground called a bunker silo. Another type of silo is a tower silo that is above the ground cylinder, with 20-to-30 foot.

The other type of silo is the ordinary silos which are made of wood, concrete, masonry staves, or steel. “Haylage” silos are a special type of airtight silos and are for use to store high dry-matter.

Special-purpose Structures

Smokehouses and well houses are part of specialized farms. An example of a special-purpose structure is a tobacco barn.

M3 Construction Solutions is available to design and construct your next agricultural building project. We can take care of the design build or any other aspect of your project as well. Call us today at 815-363-8493 to get your projects going anywhere in McHenry or Lake County! But we don’t limit our work reach, we also work in Milwaukee!


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