Brush Up or Learn 7 Design-Build Terms

There are a few things that go into design-build. What is design-build and what goes into it.

Here are some terms to add further knowledge to what design-build is!

Adjusted Low Bid: A form of best value selection in which qualitative components of each proposal are quantified, ranked and expressed as a decimal.

Bridging: A form of design-build delivery whereby the owner enters sequentially into two separate contracts. The first contract is with a Bridging Consultant who prepares preliminary and develops designs. The second is with a design-builder who completes (and assumes responsibility for the design prepared by the Bridging Consultant) the construction documents and builds and delivers the project.

Consultant: The consultant is the person or entity who engages on behalf of the Design-Builder. They are identified as such in the Agreement. The consultant is the architect, the engineer, or entity who has a license to practice at the place of the work.

Drawings: The drawings are the graphics and pictorial portions of the construction documents, wherever located and whenever issued, showing the design, location, and dimensions of the work, generally including plans, elevations, sections, details, and diagrams.

Fast-Track Delivery: Any process in which the design and construction activities overlap.

Single-phase (or Stage) Selection Process: A procurement process in which both qualification and preparation of design-build proposals are combined in one submission.

Turnkey: A form of design-build procurement. The Proponent provides the complete project, ready for use, from concept through to completion.

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