3D Printing Is Disrupting the Construction Process

3D printed buildings are already a thing. And can we expect more 3D printed concrete houses and complete offices?

In today’s day & age, things are expected instantaneously. Soon, the same will be expected of construction processes. Investors and owners would prefer a building being completed in one week instead of three or fourth months. If 3D printing can promise that, then the money will come. But what about quality control?

A 3D printed structure must pass all regulations set in place. The building technique must have systems that are easily monitored. An inspection is a must as production happens. If you haven’t seen how the 3D printing process works, check out the video below:

As you can see, the process is repeated until the product reaches the desired stage. That means that there could be a hiccup in the middle of the process then reach the end and notice the missing parts or holes. So there would have to be constant quality control.

We Can Do 3D Printing, So Should We Do It?

Tim Geurtjens, the chief technology officer at MX3D a Dutch robotics firm, sees their bridge project primarily as a proof-of-concept. Not necessarily something that should be done. “We are going to see if the bridge is possible – not to show that this is the new way to construct a bridge but to demonstrate what the possibilities are and then people can use their imagination to come up with new ideas.”

Regulation is also going to put a damper on constructing solely 3D printed structures. Since these are a new type of structures, there are no precedents. The building materials need to be safe, both when exposed to different temperatures and to people, and that the resin used is safe and dependable.

helical piers - 3d printing

3D Printed Ceramic Bricks

So although a two-story concrete home was built using 3D printing, don’t expect entire buildings to be 3D printed anytime soon. At most, at this point in time, building components are made to fit specific functions.

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