3 Things Engineers Bring to Building Projects

Forgoing the hiring of an engineer or engineers can impact the building project. And not only the project but also the building itself in the long run. Sustainability is an important part of the construction of buildings.

“We have great respect for and good working relationships with contractors, but you should be cautious if a contractor says you don’t need an engineer for your project,” notes Nick Jackson of CET, Project Designer at M & E Engineering.


Profitable Projects

The expense of hiring an engineer to include in the construction project is expensive. But it will garner long-term payback. What an engineer does is provide detailed drawings and specifications for the contractor. That provides more clarity for the project. The specifications include the required equipment (complete with make and model), how it should be laid out on the construction site, and the materials that are required. This, in turn, helps the contractors to price the project and then helps with keeping competitive

Bigger Picture Approach

Engineers don’t focus solely on electrical, plumbing, or mechanical aspects of the building project. They look at the whole and then design and establish with all aspects in mind. Because engineers are involved with most aspects of the project, they have an understanding of how everything has to work. If any issues come up, calling the engineer would be there to help solve any problems. They know what the lifecycle of the building equipment is. Plus, they have a schedule in place for a replacement.

Exceed Sustainability

Most buildings are built with the idea of being environmentally friendly. And having a level of sustainability that will grant a certification. More efficient buildings save the building owners money. Renewable energy, reducing water use, and sourcing sustainable materials are part of what can be implemented to make a building sustainable. The current construction climate sees a growth in appreciation for tracking and reducing carbon emissions.

Engineers are there from the beginning including foundation repair methods to how to make the building the most sustainable as possible.

Hopefully, self-healing concrete will have an impact in the future to increase the sustainability of commercial buildings. There are already light and HVAC sensors!

helical piles - foundation piers


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